Maintenance for high pressure equipment, screw and thread

Maintenance for high pressure equipment, screw and thread2019-06-27T09:07:21+00:00

Project Description

Maintenance for rotation equipment at startup stage.

The more the plants running for processing, the more the leakage happen because of flange erosion and deconstruction.

The services that vendors offer for cover and flange in Taiwan:
1.Specific gasket supply
2.Flange tapping
3.Torque wrench for bolting
4.Hot/cold bolting

However, most of the plants have running for 20 years, and it might cause thread corruption.

Thread of tapping is the mainly thread maintenance that vendors offer.
-Specific tools for thread of tapping are needed
-Strong power will lead to high temperature, and cause metal fatique .
-Irregular whorl caused by strong tapping power

GT mainly applies international technology:
Thread of tapping and milling
Standard operating procedures:
1.Sample design
2.Installation process planning
3.Specific fixture making and machining process planning
4.Practice for above items at factories

Machining by following the whorl, therefore, the torque is neglected.

GT offers various sizes of screw for those deformation parts caused by thread of tapping and milling.