Consistent engineering process for tray. (Revamping, fabrication, maintenance and internals supply)

Consistent engineering process for tray. (Revamping, fabrication, maintenance and internals supply)2019-06-27T08:57:45+00:00

Project Description

Expert for more than 30 years:

Keep improving our skills for tray fabrication and application is GT’s value. Besides, we are capable of implementations with several projects were completed.

Soft power:

GT is able to analyze CAD drawing and kick-off fabrication efficiently since GT can refer to various practical database by cooperating with national and international vendors.


GT owns listed plants for fabricate trays and components.
-CNC lathe machine
-CNC laser cutter
-CNC punch machine
-Bending machine
-Other tooling for components

We offers:

-Revamping:The main targets for distillation are capability increase and energy conservation.
-Fabrication:With professional plants GT owns and CAD analysis ability, GT could fabricate efficiently and meet customers’ demand without outsourcing.

Tray maintenance for schedule shut-down:

GT is able to fabricate, modify and install trays with vendors at the same time. Till now, the projects that GT have completed were all on-time.

Maintenance of emergency shut-down:

GT owns various fabrication data, enough components and plants which can meet customers demand efficiently.

Internals supply:

GT owns various components and tooling to supply customers.

Consistent engineering process:

GT offers consistent engineering process for revamping, fabrication and maintenance with professional vendors. As a result, dispute can be avoid, and engineering process can also be improved to complete the projects on time.